We are a Military Veteran owned and operated Business Development and Financial Consulting firm in the United States of America.

In 2015, JP Chrones a U.S. Army Veteran reflected on the financial struggles he had Experienced and witnessed from other Veterans. He resolved to help other Military Veteran families avoid a similar fate. He began planning and laying the groundwork for the company that would become JP Chrones & Company.

though there were, of course, numerous investment and financial consulting service firms at that time, none of them were focused on working with Military and Veteran families with mostly modest incomes, or possessed any specialized knowledge of the military lifestyle or benefits. Jp Chrones' plan was to fill that void with a company that worked exclusively with service members and their families, and to hire and train veterans with a thorough understanding of military life and a desire to give back to the Military community and their Families.

Since 2019, Jp Chrones & Co. has continued to assist Military Veterans, And expanded to assist all individuals, Families, Business’s, Non-Profits and Churches or Ministries with their Finances utilizing Proven Financial Principles and Strategies to Navigate the way to achieve their Financial Goals. Over the years we have helped many Clients just like you, not only achieve their goals, but most times achieve new levels of prosperity.

We have assisted a wide spectrum of people and businesses; from clients that believed that they were facing bankruptcy to clients who wanted to fine tune or build their financial plans to expand wealth or plan for a downturn in their Investments towards or in retirement.

Our Business Experts have assisted companies that were losing millions in profits and overspending on taxes. To New Start-Ups that needed not only Guidance or Strategies, But an expert who can relate, Understand and Assist with the daily business struggles. So You can focus on your Passion.

No Matter Your current circumstances Jp Chrones & Company can assist on unlocking the doors to the self made prison we all find ourselves in time to time.