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We stand for families and their American Dream. Through our unique training and educational programs, we can help families empower themselves to achieve: Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Abundance. Helping our clients create a future they love

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-What Our Coaching Covers-

Coaching covers the foundational aspects of money management relating to budgeting, debt, and saving for major goals. You’ll receive help from a professional advisor in overcoming barriers to achieving your financial goals and a plan to work toward financial independence.


Your budget should be a living document which helps you prioritize your spending according to the life you want to build — both now & in your future. The focus is on shifting your spending toward your priorities with no judgements about your past spending.


Debt can be a tool to help you build long-term wealth or a devastating force in your life, draining you of financial resources and causing stress between spouses and family members.


You can’t budget your way to wealth. Good guidance is key to improving your income; whether you need help with resumes and interviewing, strategies for asking for a raise, a plan for personal development toward advancement, or just need someone to bounce an opportunity off of.


Set yourself and your business up for success with guidance on preparing financially for the leap to entrepreneurship as well as a structured proven process for the launch and initial stages of your business.


Building a strong financial foundation includes making sure a disaster doesn't come and take it all away. Get help understanding how you can best manage the risks in your life and when insurance would and would not be an appropriate option. (Coaches do not sell insurance products or accept commissions).


Coaching clients receive education and strategies on the tax implications of their decisions. Taxes are one of the major factors that influence wealth-building, and understanding tax efficiency and tax avoidance (the legal one) strategies are of vital importance.

Military / Veterans


Complimentary financial plans for active duty military, Veterans and their immediate family


Success Financial Consulting/ Coaching Package for Active duty military, Veterans, and Spouses.


No minimum net worth is required to work with us.

Is Financial Coaching for me?

Do you find yourself wondering where your money went at the end of the month?

Are you tired of being feeling frustrated about money?

Do you feel like your financial habits aren’t building you a bright future?

Do you feel as if you don’t control your life, money does?

Do you have a difficult time falling asleep at night because you are worried about money?

Do you and your partner argue over money?

Do you wish you felt more confident making decisions with your money?

… If any of these sound like you, then financial coaching IS for you!

If you think financial coaching is just what you need, fantastic! We can’t wait to talk with you! Click the button below to learn the different ways for us to begin the conversation.

A Proven Process Developed by Timeless Proven Financial Principles

The coaching program was developed by JP Chrones. He has helped thousands of individuals and families achieve their financial goals and manage their finances more effectively.

OPTIONS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: Hourly, Success, and Premier Coaching Packages.

Financial Coaching provides more hands-on guidance on achieving your financial goals including multiple financial planning meetings each year to help you on your journey.


A proven jump-start to your finances

Monthly webinars & online classes on foundational to advanced financial topics (Starts September 2021)

Access to a sophisticated financial planning sTRATEGIES to:

Understand your spending

Track your net worth

Plan debt payoff

See bank and investment accounts in one place

And more

Monthly task lists and challenges to guide you in making progress

Email assistance for your questions

sUPPORT with no commissioned financial product sales

Personal Consulting / Coaching Packages

Personal Consulting



Everyday Price $299.50

  • One 60 Minute Strategy Session

  • Full assessment of your financial situation

  • Establish rolling financial goals for the short-term and long-term

  • Review of your spending habits and help maximizing your budget

  • Unlimited Email and Phone support For One Week

Personal Consulting

Success Package


Everyday Price $3893.50

  • Eight- 90 Minute Strategy Sessions

  • Eight- 15 Minute Strategy Calls

  • Full assessment of your current Financial situation

  • Establish Financial goals for the short-term and long-term

  • Provide Navigational Expertise for Achieving Short and Long Term Goals

  • Custom Strategies for Success

  • Unlimited Email and Phone support for Three Months

Personal Consulting

Premier Package


Everyday Price $5690.50

  • Twelve- 90 Minute Strategy Sessions

  • Twelve- 15 Minute Strategy Calls

  • Full assessment of your current Financial situation

  • Establish rolling financial goals for the short-term and long-term

  • Provide Navigational Expertise for Achieving Short and Long Term Goals

  • Review and Maximize your Financial Plan

  • Wealth Building Strategies

  • Premier Detailed Assistance to reach your desired goals

  • Unlimited V.I.P. Email and Phone support One Year

Custom Packages and Services Available

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Our Clients Testimonials

““Had initial concern I’d find it boring after a couple weeks because I’m not a finance person (or difficult to understand because I have about zero background in this), but I was SO wrong. Thank you for making it enjoyable and easy to understand for a noob like me!””

Stacey M.

Phoenix, AZ

“"Before Jp Chrones, I was very nervous and uncomfortable with my personal finances. After a few strategy sessions in this program, I am happy to say that I'm more confident and know more about my personal finances. All of the strategies discussed were relevant and presented in a very clear way to help get out debt."”

Lupita R.

El Paso, Tx

“"What an essential program. Nobody talks about this crucial information, which is absolutely shocking. As Christians I hope and pray everyone takes this course. My Faith in God has not only been restored, but it grows deeper everyday. And now with the courage and financial training I have received through faith and fortitude financial foundations I am almost debt free and I am living to my purpose."”

Michael B.

Plantation, Fl


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All investing involves risk and costs, including loss of principal. Your advisor can provide you with more information about the risks and costs associated with specific programs. No investment strategy (including asset allocation and diversification strategies) can ensure improved confidence, assure profit, or protect against loss.

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